About us

Who are we?

We are a leading organization in the tourism segment for people with disabilities, focused on the professional training of tourism actors, quality certifications, design of accessible touristic experiences, and marketing of services and products for this market niche.

Logotipo Imetac. Es una espiral que representa la inclusión y diversidad mediante círculos de diferentes tamaños y colores.

We see tourism as an industry that generates positive changes, that includes all people regardless of their conditions and their environment, and that works with love and responsibility to care for the tourist heritage of our Mexico.

Our purpose:

To make Mexico an attractive tourist destination so that travelers with disabilities can enjoy a touristic experience according to their needs.

Ilustración a color de seis personas haciendo una lluvia de ideas alrededor de una mesa. De izquierda a derecha hay una mujer con discapacidad visual, con pelo corto y su perro guía; un hombre con lentes y silla de ruedas señalando hacia la mesa; un hombre con cabello verde recortando y pegando papeles; una mujer con una amputación sosteniendo otros papeles recortados con una mano; una mujer con una gorra pensando; y un hombre con un implante coclear poniendo más material sobre la mesa.

The team:

Our project was created by people with and without disabilities who are passionate about travel. We are experts from different disciplines who come together to create truly accessible experiences.

Our values:

The organizational culture of the Mexican Institute of Tourism and Accessibility, both internally among its collaborators, and abroad with its interlocutors, allies, and clients, is defined by the following values.

  1. Nondiscrimination;
  2. Respect for diversity;
  3. Parity and equality between women and men;
  4. Inclusion approach as a strategic advantage;
  5. Innovation and disruption;
  6. Order, effectiveness and efficiency in its actions and processes;
  7. Human-centered design

Our goals:

  1. Sensitize and professionalize tourism companies, service providers and local governments, about human rights in tourism, disability, inclusion and accessibility.
  2. Offer technical advice and consultancy to companies and tourism service providers interested in developing accessible tourism experiences, products or services.
  3. Design a certification methodology (Accessible Touristic Experience) to distinguish companies and tourism service providers that develop and integrate products for this segment.
  4. Develop a specific marketing platform for accessible tourism products and services (México Sensorial)
  5. Create and promote an incubator for tourism companies with an inclusion approach as a mechanism for the development of new businesses.