Notice of Privacy

In accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals, the Mexican Institute of Tourism and Accessibility makes the following available to users and clients:


The Mexican Institute of Tourism and Accessibility is responsible for the use and protection of personal data. In this sense, and in compliance with the legal obligations established in the aforementioned legal system, through this instrument users and clients, Data Holders, are informed of the information that is collected from them and the purposes that will be given to said information.

Likewise, we inform users and clients that the Mexican Institute of Tourism and Accessibility is domiciled at: Calle Prolongación Ángel de la Fuente number 23, Las Maromas, Alcaldía Cuajimalpa de Morelos Mexico City, 05710.

The personal data that we collect from users and clients will be used for the following purposes, which are relevant to establish business relationships with the Holders of the information, as well as to attend to the services and/or benefits that they request:

Provide training, advisory, consultancy and certification services in tourism focused on travelers with disabilities, accessibility tools, and the “Accessible Tourism Experience” certification granted by the Institute, as well as other services related to our inclusive business incubator or the routes and tourist experiences that the institute offers for travelers with disabilities.
Digitally send promotional campaigns related to the activities of the institute, newsletters and news about tourism and, where appropriate, offers, discounts and promotions.
Carry out market studies to provide tourist products and/or services in accordance with the permitted regulation.
Collect contact information for the promotion of tourist services and/or products of clients among travelers with disabilities, or to join as a member in the Institute’s own marketing platform.
Collect contact information, personal data and necessary documentation, according to the applicable regulations, in the event that the users or clients are part of the students of the courses, graduates or the incubator of inclusive companies of the Institute.
Additionally, we will use the personal information of users and clients for the following purposes that are not essential to execute the Institute’s own services, but that will allow us to provide better service:

Know consumption habits, tastes and preferences to offer those products, contests, raffles, promotions and activities on social networks, website, among others that are most relevant in the company-client relationship.

To carry out the purposes described in this Privacy Notice, we will use the following personal data in accordance with the categories of users and clients described below:

Data from tourist service providers or students.
Name, tax address, business address, contact telephone numbers (landline and mobile), email, social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok or YouTube); country in which you carry out your commercial activities, RFC, CURP, educational level, position within the organization, name and trade name of the company or organization, bank or tax information in the case of requiring an invoice from the Institute, photographs, logos , corporate image, videos and/or audios for the marketing service of your tourist product or service, and any other data or document necessary to grant any of the requested services.

In the case of travelers with disabilities.
Name, home address, billing address, contact telephone numbers (landline and mobile), email, social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok or YouTube); country, state or town of origin, RFC, CURP, or DNI, type of disability, accessibility needs required to travel, bank or tax details in the case of requiring an invoice from the Institute, photographs, personal and health data for the granting of travel insurance, and any other data or document necessary to grant any of the requested services.

The Mexican Institute of Tourism and Accessibility uses PayPal services, iAcepta from Citi Banamex, and electronic transfers for the collection and validation of the client’s bank information when making payments for services requested from the Institute.

The aforementioned information is used by PayPal, iAcepta or Banco de México to process payments, and consequently notify both the Institute and users and clients of the authorization or rejection of transactions. Based on the previously exposed, the Mexican Institute of Tourism and Accessibility, as responsible for personal data, does not store

Please note the numbers or expiration dates of any bank data processed through the aforementioned platforms.

In case of requiring more details about PayPal, iAcepta from Citi Banamex or the forms of electronic transfers and online banking, we suggest users and clients visit their official Internet pages.

Sensitive data is considered to be those that affect the most intimate sphere of the owner, or whose improper use may give rise to discriminatory behaviors or entail a serious risk to their physical, economic or emotional integrity.

The Institute expressly states that this Privacy Notice omits the use of personal data considered sensitive.

In the event that users and clients do not want their personal data to be used for the purposes described in this Notice, it is necessary to complete the ARCO Rights process.

In any case, the refusal to use personal data for the purposes established herein will not be a reason for the Institute to deny users and clients its services.

On the other hand, we inform users and clients that their personal data will not be sold, leased or rented to any entity external to the Mexican Institute of Tourism and Accessibility, however based on the provisions of articles 36 and 37 of the Federal Law. Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals and 68 of its Regulations, the Institute may consider transferring personal data without the need for consent by users and customers to:

National or international companies of the same group, such as subsidiaries, affiliates, affiliates, controlled or controllers of the Mexican Institute of Tourism and Accessibility for the purposes established in this Privacy Notice;
Third parties to deliver any product or service, to send offers and/or advertising or to prepare market studies or surveys;
III. third parties, national or foreign consultants or auditors to carry out monitoring processes for compliance with applicable legislation and our internal policies, procedures, guidelines, manuals or protocols.

Users and clients have at all times the right to know what personal data we have about them, what we use them for and the conditions of use that we give to said data (Access); Likewise, it is the right of users and clients to request the correction of their personal information in case it is outdated, inaccurate or incomplete (Rectification).

Likewise, they have the right to have their information removed from our records or databases when it is considered that it is not being used properly (Cancellation); as well as to oppose the use of your personal data for specific purposes (Opposition).

These rights are known as ARCO rights and to exercise any of them, the respective application must be submitted through the formats that will be available at: or [email protected]

The foregoing will also serve to know the procedure and requirements for the exercise of ARCO rights, however, the request to exercise these must contain the following information:

Full name, contact telephone number, email, reasons for requesting said information, date and signature.

The response to the request will be given in 5 (five) business days and will be communicated as follows:

Through email mentioned in the request.

The contact details of the person or department of personal data, which is in charge of processing ARCO rights requests, are the following:

Name of person in charge: Laura Natali Barajas Sánchez.
Responsible area: Management and Administration Department.
Address: Calle Prolongación Ángel de la Fuente 23, Las Maromas, Cuajimalpa de Morelos City Hall, Mexico City, 05710.
Telephone: +52 55 3914 7664.
Email: [email protected]
Other means of contact: Social networks available from
It is worth mentioning that at any time users and clients can revoke their consent for the use and processing of their personal data; however, it is important to take into account that not in all cases the request can be met or the use of the information terminated immediately, since it is possible that due to some legal obligation it is required to continue maintaining the personal data. Likewise, users and clients must consider that, for certain purposes, the revocation of their consent will imply that the Institute cannot continue providing the service that was requested, or the conclusion of the commercial relationship.

In terms of article 34 of the Law, the Mexican Institute of Tourism and Accessibility may deny access to personal data, or to make the rectification, cancellation or grant opposition to the treatment of the same, in the case of any

of the assumptions established therein; although the exercise of ARCO Rights and the delivery of information is free.

In order for users and clients to limit the use and disclosure of their personal information, we recommend registering them in the Public Registry to Avoid Advertising, which is in charge of the Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office (PROFECO) with the purpose that the data personal data are not used to receive advertising or promotions from companies of goods or services.

For more information about this registry, you can consult the PROFECO Internet portal, or get in direct contact with this agency through its official channels.

Users and clients must consider that their registration in the exclusion list so that their personal data is not processed for marketing, advertising or commercial prospecting purposes by the Institute, will limit to a certain degree the clear knowledge of all our services; Additionally, we inform you that on our Internet page we use cookies, web beacons and other technologies through which it is possible to monitor the behavior of users and clients when using the Internet; The foregoing is intended to provide a better service and shopping experience when browsing our page, as well as offering new products and services based on your preferences.

The personal data we obtain from these tracking technologies are the following:

Navigation schedule;
Browsing time on our website;
Sections consulted; and
Internet pages visited prior to ours.
These cookies and other technologies can be disabled by the users and clients themselves; however, there are various sections on our Site that can be connected to other external web pages that do not work under the policies of this privacy notice; when users and customers connect to other websites, this Notice is no longer valid.

As a user, you are encouraged to review the privacy policies of each site before disclosing any personally identifiable information.

Users and clients, as Holders of their personal data, state that they have read and agree with the terms and conditions of this Privacy Notice made available to them, knowing the purpose of collecting and processing their information, as well as the procedure for the exercise of your ARCO Rights.

By providing information via internet, telephone or physical, users and customers give their consent to this Privacy Notice; if users and clients consider that their right to the protection of their personal data has been injured by any conduct, omission or procedure on our part, or if any violation of the provisions set forth in the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals, its Regulations and other applicable regulations, may file their disagreement or complaint with the National Institute for Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI).

For more information, we suggest visiting their official website:

At any time, the Mexican Institute of Tourism and Accessibility may make modifications, changes and/or updates to this Privacy Notice, for the attention of new legislation, internal policies, for our own needs, for the products and/or services that we offer. , changes in our business model, or other requirements for the administration of customer complaints and claims or for other reasons.

In this sense, we promise to keep users and clients informed about the changes that this Privacy Notice may undergo, however, the modifications to this instrument will be published on the Internet page, so it is responsibility of users and clients, be aware of it to be informed in a timely manner of possible changes.

Users and customers can request information on changes or modifications to the Privacy Notice through the following email address, [email protected].

Last update:

Mexico City, September 8, 2022.

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